Monday, October 17, 2011

Autumn in My Heart

I arrived NC in late summer. In few weeks Fall had arrived with colorful leaves. Later leaves are falling. Colors that brightened the fall season are fading. I saw the changing color amazingly. They had so many Fall Festivals. The one I remembered the most is Barefoot on the Mall that international student taking part in BBQ.

We plan a trip to mountain as NC mountains turn into brilliant pallets of color when fall foliage changes naturally making their way from NC mountain peak to coastal plains. Autumn trip to high country of Boone was awesome. We had barbequed deer and fresh water fishes…in basil, oregano, white sauce that all are homemade by guided by seniors...

On the following year,drive to Blue Ridge Mountain was also wonderful. Several places we stopped for freshly picked apple, another for picnic with food we tapau from home.

At home, New Bern River was not bad at all. Strolling along the riverbank was memorable.
Oh Allah.. return me to NC…

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